We got a call earlier this week from Mark Steffes at Billings Public Auto Auction, informing us that someone had given his truck to the Auto Auction and asked that the proceeds from the sale of the truck be given to Billings TrailNet!

Thank you donor!

The auction will take place Friday, Sept. 17 at 2:00 pm at their location at 1248 1st Ave N Billings or online.

Details about the truck:

This 1992 GMC is a 1/2 ton regular cab 4×4, with manual transmission and 333,000 miles.

It is possible to bid online at https://bpautoauction.com, but you must register prior to bidding.

If you would also like to donate any car, pickup, trailer, RV or ATV, Mark says the BILLINGS PUBLIC AUTO AUCTION will do all of the title transfers, will arrange pick up if neccessary, and will charge their normal sales fee, please contact him at 406-855-2249; or  mark@bpautoauciton.com.


Would you like to donate?


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