An announcement by City County Planning to Billings City Council last Tuesday, January 3, 2023, had members intrigued and hopeful that some important trail connections are closer to being built.

New funds will soon be coming to Billings to build nonmotorized transportation projects, refurbish historic transportation buildings and educate people about transportation.

The money was approved from the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill.

City County staff shared that there will be an initial infusion of approximately $6.3 million the first year, and the money will need to last until FY 2024.  After that, and annual $700,000 is expected. 

The money will be administered by the Billings Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which will accept grant applications for project ideas through April 12, 2023.

Nonprofits must have a government sponsor in order to apply.

Grant applications will be reviewed by the Techincal Advisory Committee, which is comprised of Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), Yellowstone County Board of Planning, City of Billings, and Yellowstone County.

Projects will require 13.42% in matching funds. For instance, a typical one-mile shared use path costing $350,000 to build will require the community to provide $46,970.

Billings TrailNet will certainly be in discussion about this opportunity and how we can help.

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