Wood Realtors does something remarkable for trails: they donate 2% of their commission on sales of homes they sell to Billings TrailNet! This has amounted to thousands of dollars over the past year!

Why would they donate their commission? 

Says Megan Wood, “our family uses the trails. When you live in a community, it’s important to give back. If we can do more and we’re in the position to do it, we will.” 

Jason Wood adds that, “the trail system is accessible to pretty much everybody. They add to our ability to get around town without motors. It’s enjoyable to go run or kick a skateboard without someone pulling out in front of you. So many people use it and it makes everybody happy.”

I reminisced with Jason Wood about meeting him at Red Rover Bicycles, when the shop had opened their place on Fridays to the community of bike enthusiasts for socializing. 

We both wish this could be re-created!

If you are in the house buying or selling market and would like your realtor’s commission to benefit trails, you can contact Wood Realtors at 406-850-2675; or 406-690-9201.



Would you like to donate?


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