There is a good reason people feel so happy when they walk in to The Base Camp to shop for outdoor gear, shoes or clothing. 
Scott and Deb Brown, owners of The Base Camp, have been in business for 44 years, and have made it a priority to hire people who are passionate and experienced in the departments in which they sell equipment. 

Furthermore, their strategy has been to create a happy work environment for their crew, which results in a happy shopping experience for their customers. 

“Our crew is one of our most important assets,” Scott says. When they are happy and motivated, it resonates with positive atmosphere for everyone.

Scott’s passion lies in the outdoors: from canoeing to cross country skiing and driving back roads to and from his stores in Helena and Billings. As a young, avid outdoorsman and adventurer from Billings, he started his business in Helena back in 1975, and opened his Billings store shortly thereafter.

Scott has been a leader in supporting outdoor recreation: as a corporate member of Billings TrailNet for many years, and as a board member of Montana State Parks. 

You may see Scott in local TV commercials for trails, touting their benefits and the need to support trail connections.“Billings’ trails benefit our community in so many ways,” he says. “One of things our community needs is a permanent source of funding to complete and enhance our trail system.”

“I believe the costs would be out weighed by the benefits in increased property values for Billings residents,” he adds.
Whether walking atop the Rimrocks at Swords Park and enjoying a birds-eye view of the city or riding a bike down by the river at Coulson Park, Scott sees how intimately the trail system in Billings connects people with the outdoors. 

“Connecting trails to the rims and the river really has the potential of drawing people to Billings. Front country trails inspire residents to live actively and newcomers to relocate or open businesses here,” he explains.
“Trails attract tourists, too,” he notes. “People who come through Billings headed for Yellowstone Park– if we can make our trails better known, it would give them a reason to stay an extra night.”

The City of Billings recently created a draft of a comprehensive trail signage plan, which will provide information on the trails about directions, mileage and physical exertion level. When funding becomes available to implement the plan, it will help tourists and residents find the great trails we currently have.

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