City Council meets at 5:30 pm this Monday, Dec. 9 in the Council Chambers at 210 N. 27th St. in downtown Billings. If you would like to provide input on the following projects, please share your thoughts this Monday. Following are projects proposed by Public Works and Parks. Keep in mind these are proposed projects, and they may change during council discussion.

You are part of the electorate, and your comments matter to our council members!

There are several exciting projects Public Works has proposed for construction this summer:

  1. Songbird- Josephine to Mullowney (separated trail possible)
  2. Wicks- Bench to Hawthorne (crossing at trail)
  3. King Ave East- Orchard to Jackson (trail to Ponderosa School)
  4. PAVER project: Lake Elmo north of Wicks (bike lane)  and 17th St. West (bike lane Poly to Rimrock)
  5. Enhanced crossings (Pedestrian activated signals)
    • Shiloh Rd 
    • Barrett Road at trail
    • Rimrock and Arvin
    • Lake Elmo and Milton
  6. Sidewalks on:
    • Aronson- Hilltop to Nutter
    • 11th Av N-27th to 22nd
    • N. 24th – Lewis to Broadwater

For bicycle infrastructure, Public Works has proposed a few bike boulevards, which are low cost, east-west connections in the near future:

  • Fiscal Year 2021 Lyman AVe./Ave D/Ave C/9th Ave
  • Fiscal Year 2024 24th St. West w/Arvin
  • Fiscal Year 2025 2nd and 3rd bike lanes downtown

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