The 2023 Billings TrailNet household survey was released in June 2024, showing community attitudes toward trails from 208 respondents out of a random sample of 4,000 Billings households. Most of the respondents (83%) were not members of Billings TrailNet.

This is a valid study with a margin of error of +/-7%.

More than 65% of people reported using trails daily weekly or monthly. Twenty five percent of respondents reported using trails rarely, and only 10% said they never use trails.

When asked about how they most use trails,

respondents overwhelmingly chose pedestrian use options. Since respondents could choose more than one option, 83% (n=146) of people that responded to this question chose walking, followed by dog walking  (49%, n=87) and mountain biking (27%, n=47).

When asked which trail improvement project they wanted the most, the top two projects were the addition of a side path on North 27th Street and the addition of a bike lane on the 5th Avenue North corridor. Respondents also wrote in about the need for a safe trail connecting the Heights to downtown, and Zimmerman Park to Rimrock Road.

“We absolutely need a connection from the Heights to downtown. Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow get a path along the entire length of the Big Ditch all through town,” wrote one respondent in the open-ended questions. Other responses included securing the single track pathway between North 27th Street and Zimmerman Trail.

Most people preferred linear trails that connected places with people, or that connected business and recreational locations to each other. “I’d love more trails that allow me, my spouse and my children to get to work/school,” said one open-ended response.

Several comments focused on the need for improved maintenance of existing trails, while few respondents simply expressed satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the trails.

When asked to identify barriers that interfere with trail use, the top responses included distance to a trail (48%, n = 68) and lack of facilities (43%, n = 61). Other concerns included user conflict and lack of information.

If you would like to see the full report, please contact us via email.



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