For industry dynamo Dana Pulis, the owner and principal of Kinetic Marketing, cycling has been a consistent element throughout her life. 

“I grew up in Lockwood and we were a family of avid bikers,” she tells us.  “Biking was one of the things that we did together and I still road bike a ton with my husband!”

Dana has also done five centuries, which is a 100-mile road cycling ride. “I love the thrill of 100 miles in front of me and there are parts where you feel like the most ridiculous person on the planet for making that decision,” she says with a laugh.  “I don’t do centuries anymore, but what I love the most about biking is that it allows me to truly be my own self.” 

She told us of her first century ride in college when she rode from Sugar City, ID to Jackson Hole, WY and gave up with only a quarter mile to go. “I felt like I wasn’t moving anymore, and the broom car drove by and asked if I wanted to get in to go get food.

They told me everyone else but one other person gave up, so I did, too” she recalls.  “Then I found out I was only a quarter mile from the top.  I gave in for a burger!”

“It was a life lesson learned,” she adds.  “Always ask questions because you can never assume that other people know what you are thinking!”

As much as cycling has been a part of her life, so is the awareness around the importance of cycling safety.

“We used to ride in the street when I was younger because there were no trails and we always felt like we were taking a risk,” she recalls.  “Now, when we road bike, you have to hope no one is distracted by their phone.”

She has known several people involved in riding accidents, including herself.  “The more you bike the more you know there is a possibility of getting hit,” she says.

This is among one of the reasons she supports Billings TrailNet. “A lot of people in our community want to ride, but they are afraid to do it,” she reveals. “These trails are paramount to having a safe way to have recreational health!”

While Dana has many achievements as a devoted cyclist, growing her business from a small home-based operation to the biggest marketing agency in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota is no ordinary feat.  “We are going against agencies that employ 500+ people from cities like New York and Atlanta and are still able to provide full service for both small and large clients.  We have quite a few clients both locally and regionally and for our small clients, we do everything we can to help them to stay competitive,” she tells us.

When giving presentations at large national conferences, Dana tells us she leads with telling the audience she is from Montana.  “People romanticize Montana, but it is romantic!” she exclaims.  “We can better field creativity since it is right from our backyards.  It’s easy to create beauty when you are surrounded by it.”

Want to learn more about Dana? Listen to her podcast, “The Sting” here.

“The Sting” ‘reveals the human elements, theunexpected and the challenges behind the real-life triumphs of some of the most successful marketing leaders in the business world. You’ll meet bright thinkers and radical doers who elevate what it means to see through the stings and jabs of our our industry to push the boundaries of marketing. From their hives of marketing expertise and experience, The Sting delves into the incredible stories behind the strategies, and you’ll learn from experts around the world.’




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