In March 2017, Billings TrailNet sent a survey out the community to get their answers about an important trail connection we were considering. We received 103 responses, which evidenced that the majority of trail users want a trail along Highway 3, between Swords Park and Zimmerman Park.

We asked, “Have you ever walked or biked along Highway 3, between Zimmerman Trail and North 27th St (the airport roundabout)?”  69% of respondents had traveled along this section and 31% had not.

Then we asked in an open-ended question, “Regarding travel along Highway 3, why or why have you not biked or walked there?” These are their unedited responses:

The next question, “If there were a separated path along this route, would you use it to walk, bike, skate or use a mobility assistive device?” 96.94% of respondents said they would and 3.06% said they would not use the path to travel along Highway 3.

Finally, we asked them to explain their answer to the previous question in an open-ended response. These are their unedited answers:

Yes answer #51, we are working to make it happen!  Now is the time to help Billings TrailNet build a separated path along Highway 3. Please donate and volunteer now!



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