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It’s hard to believe, but there is no public funding for trails. Unlike streets and sidewalks which are simply built in to a city, most trails in Billings are not provided by taxpayer dollars. If we don’t have money for trails, we don’t get connections to neighborhoods, parks, or businesses.  
Since 2002, Billings TrailNet has raised more than $1M to promote trails in Billings, and has given the city more than $750,000 for trails.
Most 10 foot-wide multiuse paved (or concrete) trails cost approximately $350,000 per mile to build.  Help us make connections to schools, neighborhoods, shopping and recreational areas.













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We are happy and grateful to announce a generous donation match provided by the Paul M and Cynthia Foster Family Foundation: $2,500 to help us reach our goal for the Giving Tuesday season! Please help us raise $10,000 for Giving Tuesday by giving now through the end of the year.


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