Due to your extraordinary generosity for trails and our community, we made history this Giving Tuesday 2021 with the most donations ever raised in one day!

Thank you to our generous donors!

Dick Charbonneau
Garry and Kathy Brayko
Yellowstone Fitness
Cheryle Angelo
Tom Howard
Bob and Carolyn Jones
Tim & Pam Goodridge
Lynn Harper
Jordan Teller
Lynne Erickson
Robin Wolff
Chuck and Alice O’Reilly
Mary McNally
Joni Harman
Gregory Dorow
Kathy Hicks
Dave Coppock
Susan & Larry Andersen
Chris Baumert
Andrea Fiscus
Rob Johnson in loving memory of Robin Johnson

Kolten & Spencyr Knatterud
Kirk & Leigh Suchy
Beverly Brown
Don Christensen
Steve & Joan Schey
Anne Nichols
Jeremy & Randi Morgret
Cindy Osland
Bob Ranford
Sandra Vancleeve
Kathie and Steve Shandera
Dylan Malloy
Mike Ormsby
Lorna Kelly
Kristi Drake
Ed Gulick
Drew Vance
Terry & Laura Cahill
Carolyn Sevier in honor of Mark Sevier

Dave & Kat Kelley
Kari Humphrey
Steve Neary
Suzanne and Jim Albano
Jeri & Christopher Kelley
Audrey Schumacher
Lori Byron
Kari Kaiser
Jane & Steven Bjordahl
Pam Fink
Jim and Sheila Downs
Kathy and Chuck Aragon
Robert Mackin
Jared and Kim Lefevre
Jeff Rice
Shasta & Terry Jiracek
Connie Kutzke Diltz
Bo and Elizabeth Grandahl Gerstner
Joel Bowers
Kathy and Doug James
Diane Rankin

Richard & Patti Lewallen
Kathy and Doug James
Craig Melder
Bernard Rose
Michael & Joan Tuss
Paul & Rachel Cox
Andrea Horrell
Steve & Doris Gerstner
Susan Baskett-Lovely
Ali Pistora
Sue Davendonis
Adam Delavan
Ryan Farris
Lindsey & Ben Beasley
Jeannine Cozzens
John & Dallas Pender
Miles Waples
Erin Zimmer
Dana Lich

Twenty-eight very generous, anonymous donors



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