After moving to Montana from Coeur d’Alene a few years ago, Hannah Tagliaferro reflects on how much she loves the community and down-to-earth residents in Billings.  “The people are so nice here and are always willing to help out a neighbor,” she shares, emphasizing their appreciation for the community spirit.  “Everyone is so welcoming!”

Hannah and her family moved to the Billings area when the family business, Watkins Distributing, expanded into Southeast Montana. Watkins Distributing-formerly Intermountain Distributing-is a family-owned and operated company that covers the state of Idaho and a large portion of Montana. 

“My great-grandfather was the first beer wholesaler in the state of Montana post-prohibition, and I am honored to be a part of the 4th generation now running our business here!”  she exclaims.

As a business owner and community member, she also recognizes the critical role a thriving economy plays in their success as well as the importance of a robust trail system.  “In order to have people move and stay in Billings we must have assets that keep them here outside of just their job. People are looking for communities that have outdoor spaces and things to do,” she says.  “The trail system in Billings is so unique in that there is a trail for any type of activity that you’re looking for within minutes of any neighborhood in town,” she continues.  “Work life balance and health is more important now than ever and the trail system gives everyone access to safely bike, run or walk.”

This is one of the many reasons Watkins Distributing supports Billngs TrailNet, especially since it allows folks to recreate without having to travel far to do so.    “By supporting Billings TrailNet, we believe that we’re supporting even more than just the trail system, but that we’re helping make Billings a better place to live and work,” she says.  “I love that the trail system has a little bit of something for everyone, the avid biker to the mom just pushing a stroller, there are trails that are accessible for every activity!”

When asked what her favorite trail is in Billings, she tells us the Skyline Trail.  “I love being able to look over the city and watch the airplanes as they come in for landing,” she tells us.  “This past year I trained for a half marathon and utilizing the different trails for training purposes made it so much more entertaining! We were able to train all over town and not just run the same route every day,” she adds.

Watkins Distributing is a total beverage wholesaler selling a variety of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks.  “We really have something for everyone!” Hannah proclaims. 



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