Intermountain Distributing is a company that has become synonymous with quality beer and community involvement in Billings.

A History of Generosity

One of the standout contributions of Intermountain Distributing has been its longstanding support of Billings TrailNet. Through our annual Ales for Trails event, the company has made significant donations that directly benefit the community.  Ales for Trails not only raises funds for the trail network but also introduces Billings residents to new and emerging beer brands, which have become local favorites over time.

Last year, Intermountain Distributing took their commitment to the next level by becoming a corporate member of Billings TrailNet, demonstrating their dedication to the betterment of the community.

Community Engagement

Justin Strecker, the General Manager of Intermountain Distributing, is proud of his company’s involvement in the communities they serve. One recent volunteer project undertaken by the company was in collaboration with Taylor Brown and Bernadette Jensen from the Northern Ag Network last summer. Together, they delivered 50 meals to farmers around Lewistown during grain harvest, showing their appreciation for the hardworking farmers.

This project held special significance as Anheuser-Busch, one of the brands distributed by Intermountain Distributing, sources barley grown in Montana. This connection to local agriculture highlights the company’s commitment to supporting and acknowledging the pivotal role of local farmers.

Intermountain Distributing’s Proud Legacy

The pride Justin Strecker feels for Intermountain Distributing extends beyond community involvement. The company has a rich history, dating back to its inception in 1949 when Ralph Nelles started the business. Strecker takes pride in the company’s approach to hiring from within, allowing employees to grow and advance in their careers, fostering a sense of loyalty and dedication among its workforce.

With approximately 100 employees, all of whom are local residents with families, Intermountain Distributing has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the Billings community. The company’s legacy of consistent support for local initiatives and charitable contributions is a testament to their commitment to giving back.

Justin’s Inspiring Journey

Justin Strecker’s journey within Intermountain Distributing is a remarkable example of commitment and dedication. He began his career in 2003 with the company, working his way through various roles, including truck driving and sales positions. His journey within the company allowed him to gain insights into all aspects of the business, making him an effective and relatable leader.

His story underscores the value of working one’s way up in a company and the unique understanding and perspective that comes with it. Strecker’s dedication to the company as if it were his own has played a pivotal role in his successful journey from an entry-level position to the role of General Manager.

Their Personal Connection to the Community

For Justin Strecker, his role at Intermountain Distributing is not just a job; it’s a personal commitment to the community he serves. His family enjoys the local trails, with their favorite being the one on rims at Zimmerman Park. Additionally, they regularly walk their dog on the Big Ditch trail during the summer. Justin is a firm supporter of these trails and values the ease with which his family can access them without worrying about traffic.

Beyond Beer: Justin’s Love for Beekeeping

Outside of his work at Intermountain Distributing, Justin Strecker wears another hat – that of a beekeeper. His wife, Erika, manages Magic City Apiary, which showcases the honey produced by their many hives at the Billings Farmers Market over the summer. This endeavor adds another dimension to the Strecker family’s involvement in their local community.

Beer and the Outdoors

When asked about the connection between beer and the great outdoors, Justin Strecker emphasizes the complementary nature of these two elements. He believes that the outdoors and beer naturally go hand in hand, offering a sense of completeness. The refreshing quality of a cold drink enjoyed in the great outdoors enhances the experience and fosters a sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, the social aspect of sharing a drink with friends after a day of hard work or outdoor adventures creates memorable moments that last a lifetime.

With a passion for the outdoors and a deep connection to the community, Justin Strecker and Intermountain Distributing continue to make a positive impact on the Billings community, one beer at a time.



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