For Kasodie West of AVA Law Group, growing up along the trail system in the Heights shaped her childhood.  “I took the bike path to school and to visit my friends,” she tells us.  “I figure skated competitively when I was younger, so I used the trails to get to the ice rink, too.”

Now, Kasodie sees the same legacy continuing in her eleven-year-old niece, who uses the same bike paths to get to school, see her friends and travel to practice. “Although, my niece is going to more gymnastics practices than skating,” Kasodie says with a laugh.

“She also doesn’t like wearing her helmet, but they are just important!” Kasodie exclaims. 

Active trips to school enable children to incorporate regular physical activity in forming healthy lifetime habits and decreases the risk of obesity.  Trails can provide a safe alternative to roads for kids getting to school, which also decreases traffic congestion, lowers transportation costs for school districts and families, and even reduces student absences and tardiness. 

As someone who grew up in Billings, Kasodie marvels at the way the trail system has evolved over the years.  “It really is wonderful how it continues to grow and how it connects people,” she says.  In addition to biking with her niece, Kasodie uses the trails when she can to run and walk her dogs Bernard and Ernie. “I am a new mom, so I am excited to take my son out on the trails, too!”  She tells us.  “Plus, I know he will use them to get to grandma’s house, continuing on the trail tradition.”

Get to know more about Kasodie in her 2023 Billings TrailNet interview and recent interview with the Gazette



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