The Marathon Loop is a 26.2 mile loop around the city which is about 68% complete. It includes the Shiloh Trail on the west end, the Swords Park Trail on the north end, the Jim Dutcher Trail on the east side, and Riverfront Park on the south side.

The Skyline Trail will extend the Swords Park trail all the way to Zimmerman Trail.

The next big trail in our radar is the Stagecoach Trail, which would get people from Rimrock Road to Highway 3, so they can enjoy Zimmerman Park and the entire beautify of the rims.

Connecting the Marathon Loop around the city will provide great access to the trail system and recreational sites all over the city!

The moving map below shows the Marathon Loop in yellow, PLUS the Inner Belt Loop and Billings Bypass through Lockwood to the north and east of the main Marathon Loop.

Many of the parks and trails depicted here are either in the planning stages or are projects that need more funding to complete.




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