After more than a year of planning, artist Terri Porta’s vision for artwork along Billings’ first neighborhood bikeway came to life this month.  “We received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for the project,” Terri tells us.  “This is the first of three pieces that will be featured, with another across from McKinley Elementary School and the third to be determined.”

This piece, entitled Kids’ Fridge, sits at 10th St. W and Ave. D and features artwork from 180 students across the city.   Each frame consists of interactive tiles that spin, with the overarching theme of What is Your Favorite Activity to Do Outside?

“There are bikes, camping trips, and so many other adventures,” Terri says. “The kids can’t wait to see their art!”

When asked how she came up with the concept, Terri was inspired by working with kids for over ten years.  “They add such an amazing element of creativity and energy and they don’t limit themselves or put themselves in a box,” she exclaims.  “I wanted to honor where the youthful, playful creativity comes from that I also have in my art.” 

Adam Paulson, a Billings TrailNet member, helped with the solid steel construction design.  The piece will sit on concrete bulb outs intended to slow traffic along the bikeway.  He also showed us some of his “sick” bike moves, pictured above. 😊 

You can connect with Terri by email: or on Instagram @terriporta.

You can connect with Adam Paulson on Instagram @mrgoodbiker or find him working at The Ski Station at 2132 Grand Ave in Billings.

Read more about this project on the City of Billings site here



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