With two Public Service Announcements airing on local TV stations, a brochure and road signs in production and presentations to local groups, Billings TrailNet and the City of Billings are hoping to make a positive impact on bicycling and driving interactions on our roads.

Now, a new video is on YouTube and we’d like you to view it,share it, send us feedback and ultimately, take the high road in traffic!

Since the campaign’s unveiling last month, Take the Hi Road has drawn positive reactions from the community.  As one viewer commented, “it is refreshing that these PSAs are here in Billings.” At presentations, audience members have been interested in learning how to be safe on the road where both bikes and cars are present.


If you would like us to present information about bicycling and driving etiquette and laws to your business or organization, please contact Elyse at elyse@billingstrailnet.org.



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