Imagine giving your all to cycle up a tough hill in a national park, only to see your significant other effortlessly cruising ahead on her e-bike.

“I got smoked outside Bryce Canyon, so I have an e-bike now,” says Dave Smith, owner of Seafoods of the World.

Both armed with e-bikes, he and his wife Michelle of 34 years can explore more of the great outdoors with a newfound ease.  Dave and Michelle have always been trail enthusiasts, but Michelle hadn’t done very much cycling.  “She had only been on a bike twice before getting her e-bike,” Dave tells us.  “Now, we ride between 100-150 miles a year together.  She loves it!”

Rides are even better with their two Maltese Silky Terriers, Milli and Kilo on their backs.  “It’s just like sticking their head out the car window, but they get a slower, scenic view of all of our riding adventures.  Plus, people love seeing them!”

A few years ago, they made the decision to explore more of the country in their RV.  So, Michelle retired early after 30 years from her position with Billings Public Schools, where they typically travel around Dave’s work schedule.

Their travels have taken them all over the country from visiting Yellowstone several times a year to the scenic Legacy Trail between Sarasota and Venice in Florida to biking in California. “One of my favorite experiences was cycling in San Francisco,” he recounts, enthusiastically.  “We just parked our van right downtown and biked right across the Golden Gate!”

When I’m traveling, I still work remotely 2 hours a day 7 days a week. “Being a business owner, there are no days off,” says Dave.

While summers are a busy time of year for Seafoods of the World, Dave tells us he is looking forward to their upcoming trips to Arizona, Utah, and western Colorado.  He also feels comfortable traveling knowing the business is in good hands.

“This has been a family business since my father started it in 1978,” he says.  “We have a great team, including my son and daughter. Taylor is as enthusiastic about seafood as I am, and Parker is heavily involved in the business as well. He also loves seafood!”

Seafoods of the World provides the finest fresh and frozen seafood to restaurants and distributors across Montana and Wyoming.  Seafoods of the World Public Market continues to offer the highest quality seafood at an affordable price.  Read more about Dave Smith and their business here!



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