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Celebrate spring and the joy of trails!

Tour de fleur went virtual this year

Our hard working Tour de Fleur committee and me, we feel so grateful for your generosity. We thank everyone for registering for the Tour de Fleur, and participating.
Certainly, as we all have been honoring social distancing orders, we are more acutely aware of how much we need each other. Trails and smiling faces are a welcome respite from the confines of our homes.

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more about the tour de fleur

The Tour de Fleur was hatched five years ago to encourage women to ride, but it quickly became much more than that. Women came forward with stories of how riding a bike helped them overcome some physical and emotional setbacks, and how getting onto a bike after many years, maybe even childhood, gave them a sense of freedom and empowerment.
It took courage to get back on a bike after being hit by a car; or having a foot amputated, or being out of shape.
Women had faced these challenges alone, but with everyone cheering them on at the Tour de Fleur, they were not alone, and they succeeded.
As we face our challenge with Covid-19, let’s reach even broader. Social distancing is hard. Let’s continue to support each other by welcoming our whole community. Let’s come together on the trails and show that our hearts are soft but our spirits are tough.
What a perfect time for us to ride, walk, run, wheel, decorate our windows, and celebrate our beautiful community, and the trails that bring us together at a distance.
As we make our way through this, let’s STAY in this, together, heart to heart. Thank you to the all the runners, walkers, wheelchair users, bicyclists, dog walkers and window decorators of all ages and genders, for participating and donating to the trails.

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