Kirk Suchy grew up in Plentywood Montana, where he says, “other than the wind, there’s not much there.” He met his wife, Leigh, in high school and they’ve been together ever since.  

The warmth and joy Kirk and Leigh have for each other emanates to other parts of their lives: family, trails, mechanics and so much more.

Kirk showed an aptitude for repairing mechanical things when he was just ten years old, as he began tearing bikes apart and fixing them. His skills grew as he grew, and within a few years he was in his father’s repair shop, working on cars and trucks. And he’s been working with automobiles ever since.

Kirk and Leigh opened KARS (Kirk’s Automotive Repair Service) in 2014, but he had decades of experience prior to that,. As an ASE Certified Master Technician, KARS is also a Certified Auto Repair Center. 

Kirk and Leigh share a love of biking, and when their children were little, they would put their children in the bike seats and ride around.

As they became “empty nesters,” they were really free to bike for as many hours and miles as they could handle. Their limits were expanded even further when they bought e-bikes, Kirk says. 

“That’s transitioned our time spent on bikes like 10-fold,” he says.  “With pedal bikes it’s uphill and downhill. you really need to plan the route, and account for the weather,” he explains.  “With e-bikes, it doesn’t matter: the ease of going further and getting back is much improved.”

You can often find Kirk and Leigh riding the Big Ditch Trail, a favorite trail because of its proximity to their home. 

“I’d like everyone to have that convenience,” says Kirk. And that is a big reason KARS has been a corporate member of Billings TrailNet for several years.

“I want to see a loop connecting the south side, the north side, the West End and the east of Billings. We need a complete loop that connects all areas of Billings so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on a trail,” says Kirk.

Kirk and Leigh make you feel like family, and they treat you with the warmth and care they would treat any family member who takes their automobile to their business. 



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