The Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (aka BPAC) is an advisory committee with members appointed by City Council, the County Commissioners and the Planning Board. BPAC meets at 11:30am on the 4th Tuesday of every month to discuss issues concerning the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and anyone using non-motorized transportation. The public is encouraged to attend meetings and offer input about what needs attention in their part of town. For instance, several members of the public have attended the last two meetings, notifying the committee of a need for more crosswalks on Rimrock Road. Public input is important, and helps advise elected officials of our community’s needs. We have a lot of streets, and without your input, problems can go unnoticed. You can offer input online or attend the next meeting: Miller Building, 1st Floor Conference Room, 2825 3rd Avenue North at 11:30am on October 25.


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