Robert Worden is the President and CEO of Vision Net, a Montana-based telecommunications company making waves by championing customer service and community engagement. With experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology, Vision Net delivers the connectivity and support businesses need to thrive.

We recently sat down with Worden to learn about his leadership approach and hopes for Montana’s technological future.

The customer

comes first

In an industry dominated by giant corporations, Vision Net distinguishes itself through an unwavering commitment to customers. As Worden put it, “It’s easy to say you’re customer- centric, but it’s a core value here. We will take the time to resolve any issue and exceed customer expectations.”

With 25+ years in business, Worden credits Vision Net’s team for embodying this customer-first mindset day in and day out. “It’s the people. A good group of people, highly skilled and committed to their jobs and the customers.”

Worden’s philosophy of continuous improvement aims to keep “tuning the organization” – enhancing people, technology, and processes to improve the customer experience. This includes significant investments in their Billings metro fiber network and local data centers, and a major remodel of their Great Falls headquarters to improve the working environment for their staff.

big sky opportunities ahead

With his experience in the tech hubs of Silicon Valley and Dallas, Worden is excited by Montana’s potential. “Coming out of California and Texas and having seen what’s happened elsewhere, all the new technologies led by 5G are coming to Montana.”

He hopes businesses capitalize on better connectivity to enable remote work, leverage AI for business transformations and growth of small businesses across the state. With federal investments expanding broadband networks, even rural areas are gaining access to these game- changing capabilities.

But Worden also sees how tech can enhance quality of life for Montanans. He appreciates Montana’s sense of community, coming from a small town himself. Worden sees innovations like smart lighting integrated with trails, serving as weather and emergency stations. “There’s a tech element to almost anything if we think about it.”

Vision Net lives out its community-focused values through supporting organizations like Billings TrailNet. Worden sees partnerships like this enhancing quality of life and business attraction in the region.

Giving back to the local community

As a trusted local partner, Vision Net stands ready to provide guidance and share their wealth of expertise. “Whether it results in business for us or not, we can give advice and share our experience with businesses to help the communities thrive.”

Embracing Montana’s Uniqueness

Robert Worden’s diverse background has given him a distinct perspective that allows him to fully savor Montana’s exceptional qualities.

Originally from Alberta, and with experiences from England, California and Texas, he describes Montana as a “homecoming” to the cherished Big Sky lifestyle he enjoyed in his youth.

He eagerly anticipates leisure activities like fishing, a pastime he hasn’t enjoyed in years.

One standout moment for Worden was stargazing during a simple morning dog walk. In contrast to light-polluted areas where he previously lived, Montana’s pristine skies revealed a breathtaking display of stars.

Worden’s wife, originally from California, also found joy in Montana. She was thrilled to witness the aurora borealis from their Great Falls home, a rare sight in more urban settings.

Beyond the natural wonders, Worden values Montana’s close-knit sense of community. He appreciates the warm and personal connections found here, a unique contrast to the anonymity of big cities.

Our Vision Net Experience

Billings TrailNet began using Vision Net’s telecom service in 2020.

During the pandemic, we turned to Vision Net for a seamless remote work solution at Billings TrailNet. Our previous national carrier couldn’t meet our needs.

We’ve been extremely impressed with Vision Net’s outstanding service and wonderful staff. We highly recommend them for all your business telecommunications needs.

In an era of mediocre service from global corporations, Vision Net shows the power of local business and personal touch.

Robert Worden’s leadership at Vision Net exemplifies a commitment to customers and communities. His vision for Montana’s tech future and support for organizations like Billings TrailNet highlight the importance of connectivity and community enhancement. As Vision Net continues to evolve, it is clear they are dedicated to shaping a brighter future for their customers and Montana.

Focus on the Future

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