Billings has been adding bike lanes and sidewalks every year. This year, we celebrate five projects that stand out to us and make a big difference in the safety of bicyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users.


Added bike lanes and sidewalks on Wicks Ln. between Bench Blvd. and Hawthorne Ln.


Converted N. 30th St. south of 6th Ave. North to a two-way street. Now, people can drive or ride all the way down N. 30th from Poly Drive to Montana Ave. The city also added sharrows for bicyclists south of 6th Ave. North (where there is only room for one lane going each way and it retains parking! The new back-in angled parking will ensure bicyclists riding in sharrows will be seen before drivers pull out of their parking spot!


Painted sharrow markers to create a Neighborhood Bikeway between North Park and Rose Park.

The bikeway has markers for both directions: from east to west, it begins on the corner of 9th and 19th, just north of North Park. Pass Dehler Park, go through the hospital corridor, jog down 32nd St. to Avenue C, stay south through Pioneer Park to Avenue D, all the way to Rose Park.


Added sidewalks along Hallowell Ln between State Ave and King Ave.


Widened the multiuse trail along the west side of 32nd Street between Monad and King; and soon to come: a separated path south of King, down the hill all the way to Gabel Rd!

If you’d like to thank them and show your support for more bike/ped/nonmotorized transportation projects, you can reach out to Billings Public Works with a friendly “thank you” on their Facebook page!



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