While the Skyline Trail appears nearly complete from the highway, it has a few safety features and some pavement yet to be installed before it’s safe to use.

Work is still in progress on the Skyline Trail, and in certain places it is not advisable to use the trail at all.  There are areas with a steep drop on the rims side of the trail, where a guardrail is yet to be installed. 

The portion of the trail shown below is closer to the western part of the trail, where there is no pavement yet.

Concrete or asphalt approaches at cross streets will be added.


The great news is that the city had enough funds with the BUILD grant to pave the parking lot at Zimmerman Park! The parking lot should be open, weather permitting, by the second week of November.

The Skyline Trail should be 95% complete by the end of October, according to Weave Construction’s Project Engineer on the Skyline Trail, Mitch Brott.

In November, if weather is on our side, they will install the guardrails and will begin seeding native grasses along the trail.

We are thrilled to see people using the trail already!  The Skyline Trail is already quite busy with a variety of users. 

Please be aware there is heavy equipment on the trail, and workers are trying to complete the trail, so use caution and be considerate. 



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