Transportation plays an important role in the growth and livability of a city; especially in downtown Billings.

The City is conducting creative public outreach to help prioritize potential changes to downtown streets, which were identified in the Downtown Traffic Study:

  • One-Way to Two-Way conversions between Division Street and 24th St. plus a potential bicycle facility
  • 2nd Avenue N & 3rd Avenue N One-Way to Two-Way Conversions plus a potential bicycle facility
  • Montana Avenue Road Diet (Division Street to 18th Street) plus a potential bicycle facility
  • 6th Avenue N Road Diet (Main Street to North 13th Street) plus a potential bicycle facility
  • 13th Street Road Diet between 6th Avenue North and 1st Avenue North plus a potential bicycle facility
  • Broadway Street Seasonal Closure (for a walking mall)

All of these conversions and bike facilities are consistent with the City’s Bikeways & Trails Master Plan.

Provide your preferences by taking the survey. (Scroll down to the Get Involved section on the page and select “Provide Feedback on Proposed Options).”

Public preference will help to steer future planning in our community, so your input is incredibly valuable!

Please take a moment to learn about the project and provide your thoughts the survey link.  This site offers the opportunity to provide specific feedback on the proposed alternatives through an online survey, a budgeting tool to help us prioritize how funds are allocated, and a digital bulletin board for other thoughts and perspectives. You’ll also find general project information and a link to the full Downtown Billings Traffic Study document. 



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