Please provide input on the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) no later than Nov. 10!

Much of the Billings area transportation (like most of America) was focused on motor vehicles (since WWII) and we have stood by, while motorized traffic moved faster and became more congested and pedestrian deaths increased.

For the past 30 years, many biccyle/pedestrian advocates have worked locally to try and make biking, walking and rolling safer and more accessible.

We have had several visits to Yellowstone County from walkability experts like Dan Burden, Mark Fenton and Jeff Speck. The benefits of walkability are far reaching. Walkable communities are more equitable, economic, efficient (land-use), and cost-saving for all, while making a “place” feel more social and interactive which can boost our mental health!

Urban planning for walkability makes us all more active, healthy participants in a more vibrant urban setting. Many people and organizations including most businesses, planners, architects and transportation officials now recognize that how we build our transportation infrastructure, dramatically impacts the safety and desirability of a community.

Let’s help the city of Billings continue to transition to a safer, more accessible place for all (the young, the old, the middle aged) to work, learn and play. Please give your input on the LRTP. Now is our opportunity to make a difference for future generations!



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